Mobile phone anti vice should not affect the formal SP

from CCTV exposure to ministries linkage to operators and web portal commitment rectification, unprecedented anti behavior like that "four pests", is not the beginning of this year’s Internet pornography can be compared. According to a number of media reports, China’s "pornography anti pornography" office has said that the fight against mobile websites to disseminate pornographic information special action will continue until May next year. As of December this year, China’s public security departments have removed 1 million 250 thousand pornographic information on the Internet, closed pornographic websites and 6972 columns, and successively knocked out several large pornographic websites outside the union.

mobile phone pornography harm great when eradicated. But a taste of the "addition", I can’t get rid of "the wind again poison", but inevitably affected some health standard SP fish, even the entire mobile Internet industry. This is like the early days of reform and opening up, comrade Xiaoping foreseen opening the door or welcome flies. The fly is bigger, but it’s bigger than the whole door. If someone does not understand the eradication of flies, anti door closed, it would be tantamount to the mobile phone network pornography into the largest mobile Internet history toss.

mobile phone pornography since when cut the Gordian knot, do not let the flies spoil a whole pot of porridge

"Chi Chi the state junior, junior strong Guoqiang, inexperienced teen victim bear the brunt of mobile phone pornography, which is including parents, schools, society and governments are the most reluctant to see. What’s more, the current "pornography" has more than a single age, but spread to different groups of great span, poison also has more than a physical and mental health of young people, and people’s normal work and life and the whole society.

strike hard, ruthless, urgent, especially in the mobile phone users reached 720 million, the world’s largest mobile phone market. The blame is not only the content provider, also includes all aspects of the whole yellow on the interests of the chain.

state of extreme nervousness. revenue accounted for only 0.05%, even WAP China Telecom are the first screening of all mobile phone Internet content service "dead order"; China Mobile announced the suspension of all WAP billing business partners since November 30th is no surprise.

national pornography working group has also recently announced the "implementation plan" to carry out special combat mobile phone website dissemination of pornographic information special action, will be in 2010 before the spring festival education group, the exposure of a number, a number of penalties, closing a number of illegal sites; cut off the mobile phone pornographic websites and infrastructure operators, access service providers, advertising agencies and the third party payment platform for enterprises to form the interests of the chain before the end of February 2010.

gates of fire, disaster of normal SP and other mobile Internet fish

As a

associated with the mobile phone will be able to distance themselves from the "high tension line between pornography", the formal SP has been open about innocent. A SP official privately said, "pause billing", pinched the phone, pornographic websites also broken >

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