Personalized business little black dress today’s headlines we can learn what operation experience

120 days sold 23000 little public number, because you care about, just started another algorithm headlines headlines today, and everyone is the Internet information market in the first half of today’s headlines, the Internet, we can from the black skirt, today’s headlines these successful cases to which the operation experience of


120 days sold 23000 little public number


this is a public number WeChat era of Telecom success case of a different kind of business, business ideas do little, the era of the operation tool "WeChat public number" with, you can find a profitable idea "multi echelon distribution", this is the introduction of success stories about the public, little black dress the.

with all sorts of little black dress captured the hearts of users, practical and stylish, smoke powder 600 thousand in just 4 months, selling 23000 little black dress, then in a year and a half of the time, the distribution function, circle of friends has accumulated 7 million fans, then sales have broken million, although because of the way in dealing with the distribution of walking the ball was a night but Feng Ting, success, and is now trying to open shop, open online and offline two channels.

What is the key to success in the

version? WeChat public number is the hottest, found a "little black dress" market entrance, the ability to gather fans by public number, discover this "operation tool" features — operation mode of distribution, and then quickly climb to the top.

, "what you care about is the headlines" today’s headlines


When the 2013

headlines today has just been established, and it also has a "personalized" news push client is also a lot of hunting nets than today’s headlines as early as 2 years, is also a personalized reading, but without looking but because of lack of social and business, today’s headlines has reached 67 million of the amount of daily living.

today’s headlines success tells us, "personalized reading" is a market, and nowhere to turn around, but also let us have to tap the "personalized reading" in the success or failure of the key.


: today’s headlines are more intelligent search, such as you focus on what kind of information, it will give you more love to push such information; and constantly filtering and improvement, in order to make it easier for users to get the information of interest in personalized information recommendation, today’s headlines have been trying in many aspects.

everyone is today’s headlines in the second half of the Internet

little advantage is the new ideas and new operations in the channel, today’s headlines can push to send the client in many talent shows itself personalized news, not just rely on the product of the times, but also need to constantly improve, increasingly closer to the user’s preferences, and the Internet has opened the second half, everyone is today’s headlines the entrepreneur >

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