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translator: the article’s original name is Designing Screens Using Cores and Paths. The author is inspired by the "traffic demand line" in urban planning, and puts forward the core path method of website design". Different from the commonly used approach from frame to home page and navigation, the core path approach allows the designer to start with the core content, from the inside to the outside. This break – in method can create the most direct path in the web site so that users can find the core content.

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imagine, when you want to reach across the lawn opposite the bus station when you are around the lawn around the sidewalk past, or in the middle in the past? If the grass is dry, it is not prohibited from entering, then you are likely to choose the nearest route – across the lawn go directly to the bus station. If many people have done so before, there will be a "come out of the road."". This unplanned path connects the shortest distance between two points, and we are surrounded by such examples. In urban planning, they are called "desire pathsdesire lines", which means the difference between the natural behavior of man and the route of human planning. Architect Christopher Alexander defined the "traffic demand line" in his book "model language" (1976). For the application of "transportation demand line" in architecture, he gives a specific description: "method of road planning, is to set the target in the natural scenic spots in the first, then these points are connected to each other forming path." – Christopher Alexander, in principle, Alexander’s approach is to target – that is, people ultimately want things oriented, and then put them in the most useful way to connect together. But in web design, the approach is usually the opposite: designers start with the homepage. Then they worked out a navigation scheme based on the hierarchy of the site, whether appropriate or not. But the goal (the main thing the user is looking for, or what they want to do) has become the last thing to consider in the design process. Inspired by the "traffic demand curve", we can improve the method of designing web pages. Using the core – path approach, this can guide you to create the most direct paths in your web site

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