Those years virtual resource class website profit way

in fact, not just the Internet industry, the development direction of traditional industries, there are two ways to choose, one is regression, and one is innovation.


seems to be in two different directions, in fact, the two are both relative and unified. The most typical case is the symbol of millet, millet company started in the mobile phone products are millet, millet mobile phone had intelligent mobile phone, but it was because of quality, price and other reasons, the intelligent mobile phone industry has been relatively low, millet mobile phone industry started to choose actually should be return to the traditional industry, but also millet adding their own price advantage, a new sales model, which is the innovation in the regression.

if millet is a company, it’s too far away from us, then say it in my own case. After 2013, the video lecture resources websites are very popular, the profit model is the site to provide all kinds of lecturer lecture video resources, adding ordinary members can watch these video resources, to join the senior members can watch these video resources, can also recruit members get commission. After the project of fire for a period of time, due to the same site too much, so this project has no market, this kind of website to persist gradually began to rely on their own form brand to expand the other business.


but this project gave some inspiration, in 2014 before and after the emergence of virtual resource website, this website profit pattern and before the video resource website profit pattern, but the resources provided from the lecture video into some Taobao virtual products, from the resources, the virtual product sourcing resources coin video resources should be small, it is easier to manage. But we know that any one project if so many people will be a smaller market, so this kind of resource website began to integrate other resources, including the video lecture resources website I mentioned the resources, they will be the teacher lectures and video resources are organized into their own virtual goods the site to expand its resources, but in view of the extraordinary plume, this fact should be considered in the direction of regression.


I was quite optimistic about the project, it also started to do this kind of project, do you have to do as early as possible, the night market is small, the reason lies in the profit model, in addition to the two member mode I mentioned, there is a franchise model, that is I have a proxy mode, for example a resource station, if you want to do a website as like as two peas and I are going to join, it is actually a lazy database fee you pay jiamingfei is to buy my website, I only need to use the same website program to build a good frame, then put the database data into my you, then you can modify the name of the website, the copyright information can be. Because each resource class website has this kind of profit pattern, therefore can imagine it >

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