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grew up on the game of special interest, especially obsessed with the game, when a small one to see people playing computer games on the itch, I score is not good, also made a group of friends at the bottom of society, our family goes, every day to play truant (rascal) global Internet cafes to play games, then hooked up to < legend; > the game play legend stole home 3000 yuan a week, global Internet cafes, Internet cafes Internet cafes to eat every day in the home, I like to see the network into Internet cafes, loved ones, warm reception, not busy sending smoke hands, so addicted to the third term.

A third

examination to increase, seeing himself can not enter the high school, the mood is particularly low, the family from time to time to taunt you, relatives and friends from time to time to give you a sarcastic remark, and finally no way home, take me to Guangdong to read a college, or to find the relationship between the


college three years has been immersed in the loss, there is a very good friend’s birthday that I go to the Internet, no way! ~ was brought into the cafe, a good brush card open machine, landing 2 years without QQ, met before playing the legendary friend, he told me now or play legend, but the play is the legendary Sifu for me not a bit strange, because in the past a lot of official friends call us to play it, we do not put the official equipment and so did not go, the friend asked me to play, I also have a little regard my number, already sold, so I play with him, is playing in the equipment is very beautiful, but feel too boring, metamorphosis, then looking for a game to play alone at night, so the past.


out of work for 2 years, occasionally in the office to play the game, to search for a game of "< in the heap; storm riders > and then download the client, the evening back home, start the installation of ^^^^^^^^^ (omitted), installed also registered, started to play a game playing the game began to feel good, and I specialize in the game, because now work outside the home, the little spare time, so in addition to accompany girlfriend immersion in the game, in the night, I suddenly have an idea, and will not have it so, the input in the Baidu search: private servers, appear below the 10 site, I got the first, a look at the original private servers already out, he did not know, looked at the PW release station, feel special garbage, not at all beautiful, and The other private servers release station, do not feel a good-looking, I suddenly wanted to own a private servers release station, so just do it, good room friends, let him open a space in his own server to me, then registered a domain name, because I he is learning web design, it took 1 weeks to do a good release station program (all spare time to do).

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