Network garbage everywhere how to prevent community waste hazards

network is the Internet Troll scenery, in fact the network and Navy often sprayer have some similarities, for the Internet, not only the prosperity of the Internet discussion atmosphere, but also brings many negative effects to some sites, which for some community sites, the influence is very huge, many community sites because of sprayer the presence of lead to the emergence of a large number of negative information and spam sites, bring huge risk to the operation of the site, so to prevent network sprayer in the community website silue, has become an important part of the community must pay attention to the webmaster.

is the first to understand the impact of sprayer to the community website, community website operation content builders, these networks may be Troll builders of the site content, and website content reviewers, operation from the point of view of the negative impact of Internet on the website of the non ordinary sprayer close, if the website content is that it will cause Troll kidnapping, spam serious, but the comment was that there will be misleading Troll kidnapping, other users, resulting from other users, thus preventing network from two channels to spray comments and content construction.

for the content of the construction of prevention, community website to establish an effective content screening platform, content of shielding inappropriate subject website can set the keyword filtering way, such as your operation is the vertical industry community website, then the contents of key words in other industries can be set by shielding, filtering and some sites do not to the contents of the tube. In addition to the need for artificial audit, for some of the plagiarism and no meaning and no value of the content should be filtered, and the corresponding score and warning issued to people, quality to control content through the establishment of publisher level mechanism.

for the prevention of the common question and answer comment sprayer in the community, also need to establish review personnel and the caste system ask staff, what grade interactive members can participate in what subject, this can effectively avoid some disharmonious factors in the interaction, and the influence from time to time, all kinds of advertising and other negative information in the interaction. Of course, this method may cause a certain impact on the interactive community website, so in the setting of such interactive mode, should consider the operational direction of the site, at the early stage of community website operation, we can use the easing to drive the popularity of the website, when the net station community have a certain customer loyalty, can some strict requirements.

in addition to effective preventive measures, also need effective supervision measures, supervision strategy should be set and the website users scale matching, can carry out the supervision strategy management from manual, also can introduce the advanced algorithm to control, such as Facebook to some friends of the information through the algorithm of shielding some friends, the content by setting a certain strategy for shielding, community users must not only stand in the perspective of site control, but also can be placed under the supervision of the user, the user through the membership management interface.

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