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in the "Guangdong Internet Conference to share (a): how to do the product" in a text, Peng Jinjie has said: watercress, it is a successful product, but it is also an unsuccessful product.


its success lies in: watercress user experience, user traffic, the use of the crowd to do very well, very sticky site, is an excellent product and platform.

is not successful: watercress does not have a high-quality business model and genes.

according to understand, now watercress’s biggest profit point is still in advertising profit. And watercress for advertising is also inferior.

so, watercress is not really commercial value? Peng Jinjie does not think so, with the development of China’s Internet environment, the rise of mobile Internet, watercress commercial value will also be magnified. Because it has a large amount of user data, that is, big data. This is the biggest commercial value of watercress.

relying on big data to achieve value-added traffic value. Watercress now advertising is relatively poor and rough, and also did not play the role of advertising to the maximum.

why do you say that,


1. in the Peng Jinjie observation, although the watercress rely on advertising to profit, but in order to keep fresh, watercress positioning itself art, afraid of too much advertising disturbs the quality of their products, so put on each page of the advertisement is very little, this invisible influence the commercial value and profit.

2. watercress advertising directly is inserted into the hard wide, which directly put several fixed ads on the page, although the quality of advertising was selected to remove inferior advertising, but still can not change the nature of its advertising.

Peng Jinjie thinks we should figure out the 2 point of view:

(1) advertising is not all user hate, suitable for users is good. Many people think advertising is a nuisance to the user. Indeed, traditional advertising is a nuisance for users, because they are not required by the user, but are forced to display in front of the user. But from another point of view, if the advertising is the product you need? On the contrary this time advertising is not provided, users dislike, the user demand for the product, just to be able to enhance the user experience.

(2) is not the more advertising, this page will lead to user experience is not good, the appropriate place to appear appropriate advertising may be more conducive to user experience. In order to maintain the clean bean page, minimize the appearance of a page, only to maintain their original content, the starting point is good, but from another point of view, you are not to "prevent" the user needs products – user demand for advertising products. From this point of view? You, is the loss of the user experience. What’s more, the power of a family is weak

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