Looking at the development direction of SNS website from Facebook

SNS (Social Networking Services, the social network services, or social network service) is a kind of important application service of Internet new media in recent years, the development speed of the blowout from all walks of life have to sit up and take notice. With the stimulation of the exemplary role of Facebook websites such as SNS and MySpace, SNS websites around the world are mushrooming.


is watching the whirlwind of SNS’s Web site, many are beginning to focus on the direction that SNS’s Web leaders are leading. Not only do imitators need to be careful about the ideas and trends of industry leaders, but also the industry leaders are constantly exploring new technologies, content and marketing ideas.

below, will take the world’s most leading SNS website Facebook as an example, to explore the direction of the development of SNS sites.

momentum of rapid development, worth tens of billions of

is one of Facebook’s leading players in the SNS industry. In July 2009, according to data released by research firm Nelson online, Facebook is now ranked first in social networking sites, and in June 2009, independent users visited as many as 87 million 300 thousand users. It is understood that the current number of users of Facebook has exceeded 340 million. Ultra high number of users and clicks, not only for Facebook bring super popularity, but also brought benefits.

despite the global economic situation is not good, get rid of the shadow of the financial crisis has not yet significantly, and this year the United States market for social networking sites advertising declined, but the first half of the Facebook website advertising appears 9.5% growth, about $230 million. Its CEO, Mark, ·, Zuckerberg expects the company’s revenue this year will grow by 70%, next year will achieve cash flow earnings.

The value of

Facebook has been fully recognized by the market. In October 2007, Microsoft reached an agreement with Facebook to buy 1.6% of its shares for $240 million. At the time, insiders said, that meant the value of Facebook was as high as $15 billion. Although some people think this is overvalued, but in May 2009 the Russian investment group Digital Sky Technologies (Digital Sky Technologies, referred to as "DST") spent $200 million to acquire Facebook 1.96% preferred shares, the transaction makes Facebook valuation reached $10 billion.

so, what makes Facebook so strong? We can observe and discuss it from three aspects of technology, content and marketing creativity.

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