How did Baidu collect my promotion

my website has been promoted for more than 10 days. Also wrote a lot of soft Wen, but every day do not see Baidu included, and finally in Baidu search my domain name, the result surprised me, I bought the K domain name.

in view of this result, I have searched a series of articles on the Internet to sort out, and listed a systematic promotion case. This morning, Baidu has collected a check collection, I don’t know how happy, so I want to put my plan out to share with you, so now you have a bitter, I make the plan is:

1, every day to write an original soft text. Soft Wen, I will not say what things, and do not understand themselves to search. And then is to copy a few original soft text to well-known website release. The effect, you can see, the first two days in A5 hair of the article will know, published less than 1 hours was Baidu included, that speed is really amazing, so I realize the importance of soft wen.

2, insist on opening two blogs a day. Must go to well-known websites to open, I have now opened more than 10, how effective, you can search: QQ player blog effect you know, I built all blogs have been included.

3 must update the content of the website every day. It is better not to collect, even if you want to collect, must also remember, to collect back articles to be modified, to copy original. In this way, people will not recognize your website is a garbage site.

4, ask your friend to use your domain name to search in the engine, this kind of effect is also some.

5, go to other high weight Forum irrigation irrigation, ha ha, have the skills of Kazakhstan, otherwise will be K, severe KIP Oh, like you when the irrigation can not directly said: "would you please go to the network game player QQ registered gift oh!" This will be deleted or K number, I have tried. If you don’t write it like this: "QQ, players come to the top, good post."." Add the [URL] link to this sentence and no one will find out.

other methods I will not write, this is the station I have done for two years feel the most effective way to share with you.

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