How much do you know about micro blog marketing

for a long time not to A5 to contribute a little busy recently, Zhu Weikun, is in the small knowledge of micro-blog, and channels integration of network marketing team in a micro-blog marketing team, in order to improve our ability, we will have a catfish effect, which is similar to a competition. The team divided into two groups, so as to better let everyone feel a range, also is the "catch, ratio, super consciousness.

first, team consciousness,

competition, no reward competition, it is difficult for everyone to have the power to operate. The Internet, we all come from all over the country, but also can have foreign populations, but this is still relatively small, so temporarily do not talk about foreign populations, talk about a circle of people.

team’s core, he must understand the needs of everyone, so as to encourage them to operate, for example, micro-blog marketing, you must first raise the fans, there will be a few small points of knowledge;

1, what do the players want,


2, what do the players need,


3, what can the players do,


team leader, depending on their own ability to perform or ability or not, even if you have 1 million fans alone, you still failed. Since you’re just an individual, not a team, you have to integrate with the administrators or psychology so that you can maximize the incentives for team members to operate.


players, what they lack? Obviously is patience, they don’t understand, so they have no confidence, afraid, afraid to do well, in the process of doing there are many conditions, this time, the first time to head to solve their problems, this time, the team can be active.

in short, team success can not be separated from a good leadership, will be a big nest is this truth.

two, team task

a team needs constant tasks to get through it. No team is born, and nowhere is it found. This time, but also to extend a few small knowledge:

1, setting goals

2, launching the topic

3, interactive forwarding


is not what micro-blog expert, just a love playing micro-blog fans, yesterday I accompany a wife to go climbing some exercise, then took several photos, which is released to the micro-blog, is a few words of micro-blog, but the micro-blog has been broadcast or 200. Look at the millions of experts who have millions of fans, and see how many times they’ve been forwarded. This doesn’t tangle. Here’s a few little points of knowledge:

1, the webmaster are lack of exercise, micro-blog content theme is to exercise

2, the webmaster are too busy to have time

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