Don’t blame the poor technology for the unprofitable website

technology is a very important factor in website operations, but not a decisive factor. Technology is only an auxiliary role, it is important to operate concepts, operations ideas.

cites an ancient example: hao123 can be said to be technically free, but his earnings are as startling as his traffic. But success is not replicated, after hao123 million Web site navigation instantly available, but 99% of them are neglected thin horse. But success can be replicated, 114la, 265, 1166, 369, and so on, navigation station can not be said to be successful. Whether it is hao123 or 114la, or the failure of the navigation station, the technology is not very different, almost no difference, it is not difficult to see, technology is the most important, the key is how to operate. Hao123’s success is not a two to say, 1999, Li Xingping made the most primitive form of hao123, 2000 hao123 month hundreds of yuan in advertising revenue, then gradually increased to four thousand or five thousand yuan in 2001, up to several million yuan, in 2003 2004, the monthly income of 800 thousand yuan. In the end, in 2004, Baidu was called "50 million huge capital" (actually 11 million 900 thousand yuan and 40 thousand shares of stock) under the capsule, the achievement of a miracle of the Internet!


what does the old, well known, well known story tell us? Technology is not the most important. The company’s website is not profitable. It’s an operation problem, not a technical one. I don’t think the reasons for non profits should be blamed on technology. Perhaps technology is a factor in blocking web operations, but it is by no means a determining factor. It seems that the direction of the development of the website is how to realize the function of others without technology, which is the selling point and the profit point. I don’t think this development is possible, but the possibility is too small. Even through the technology to achieve a certain function, but also can be copied, copied, and more than we understand the technology is that the company does not have the strength to achieve the unique technology on the internet. Think through the so-called cooperation, with the help of HC techniques to do is unlikely, HC may not silly to take their own core technology to free to use, or take the core technology to exchange a little trading through membership fees. I guess HC’s basic purpose of cooperation is to achieve their own solar energy network channel, just as now the HC valve, HC HVAC, as built a HC solar energy. The company has accumulated over the past few years, worked hard to build the solar network, how can you hand over to others, so this cooperation may fail in the end?.

currently, basic positioning website it is not very clear, in the end is to do information or do business? Or mix? Personally feel that the electronic commerce road impassability, as the last white brother said, "do e-commerce is mortal, because can not solve the two problems of credit and payment." Want to go through technology >

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