Gaozhou young farmers sell pigs to build websites and achieve new ways of entrepreneurship

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A5 and see webmaster counterparts entrepreneurial story, but his writing is too poor to write something Nabuchushou, see the webmaster story, very feeling, so I decided to share with you my business experience. This article writing for a long time, had posted on his QQ space, then the other will go to his friends in the station last year published in the webmaster excerpt content, then I pointed out in the article under review, the article can not find (I do not know whether the moderator, delete) so we see some words familiar, but these are all their own real experience, there is no water.

I’m not good at words. I spend most of my time doing things quietly and watching other people communicate. Recently, in order to find the point Links, adding a number of A5 Q group, after the group and rarely take the initiative and make the webmaster communication links also did not get, not a few days will be kicked out, now he did not dare to add group, lest trouble kicking me.

I am Guangdong stone town Gaozhou city of an ordinary young farmer, the family was not rich, in order to reduce the burden of home, I finished primary school in 1990 was to social work, honestly I culture is not high, but I am unwilling to mediocrity, hope to strive to live a good life by myself. I have done in my hometown, the greengrocer assembly line worker, an electronics factory in Shenzhen, in the process of Engraving Factory set up a stall in the night market, opened a store, but knowledge poor and lack of social experience makes me without any success. Later, see many self-employed by family and I also follow the trend of build up the family fortunes, engaged in carton factory workshop and washing powder factory. But my luck is always a poor people, everything I do are ended in failure, the entrepreneurial process of more than ten years, my footprints all over Guangdong almost every city, but everywhere is sad, I in mid 2003, in the outside world for many years I finally cornered, and trudged old baggage, back to the starting point — back to the life I have my country, in the society for ten years, not only did what success, but also lost a lot of money, owes a large debt, that setback let me unforgettable…

Go out

business during the day, I insist on buying the habit of reading newspapers and magazines, see some good ideas, practical technology, CD project, I will think of a way to squeeze money to buy back more than ten years of entrepreneurial process, based on the cost of buying books, learning and other aspects of this is my daily life the largest part of expenditure. Back home I still did not give up, the home only eight hundred yuan to the town post office ordered all marketing, business, science and technology journals and magazines, hoping to find a new starting point for this venture, ridicule and irony countless elders in the village, the village people gave me a nickname called pan madman, ageing the parents’ education is not high, but has been silently supporting me, looking at the village people’s cynical Tottenham and parents still expectant eyes, my heart is broken, in those days I desperately to do farm work, in order to relieve the heart of guilt, in order to increase the income, I get home in the management of conventional farming.

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