18 months of products with what 30 million cock wire users


fast teeth, this product is special.

first, the user is very special, under the high growth curve enviable (quarterly average is a new times of the last quarter), about 30000000 users of the most mainstream crowd is not from the north of Guangzhou first-tier cities, Guangdong, Hubei, but Henan, Sichuan, Hunan, these students, migrant workers province come into contact with the user, including factory workers.

although the product user group enough cock wire, the team does not cock wire. Team combination is wonderful, there are traditional communication veterans do CEO and technology, there are standard literature van product manager, as well as doing game market operations 80.

how do they create a direct white class, with 30 million users of the products has been to avoid the media interview before? What’s the story behind them? This weekend I interviewed fast teeth CEO Wang Xiaodong Frank, wanted the curious answer.

what’s fast teeth,


fast tooth current audience and our readership is not the same, so it is necessary to introduce here. In June last year officially launched the fast teeth, simply speaking, is a near field mobile transmission tools. Its special place is that the use of mobile phones self built WLAN hot spot function, fast teeth can not flow, do not need WiFi environment to help mobile phones to do applications, video, music, pictures and other documents transfer. According to the authorities, the speed of fast teeth is 50 times that of Bluetooth, which means 120 or 30 mp3 can be transmitted in 1 minutes.


is a technology driven company, but now we should not be unfamiliar with these technologies. More than a year after the launch of this innovative tool, more than 10 followers followed the fast teeth. And fast teeth in the lead state, has become another company wants to close cock wire users a big way.


Why does

have 30 million users?

Frank for this problem, in fact there is no one answer, he and I share the fast access to the user from the beginning of 0.

in the Frank view, fast teeth is a user aggregation of strong product, and is especially suitable for together in a classroom (but not a good school) students and those who do not have more entertainment, after work rental dormitory workers, they can quickly complete the fast teeth group mobile phone content share. If a class of students because of a Korean drama, 20% of the people with fast teeth, fast teeth will soon all the students have developed. This natural virus spread and word-of-mouth attributes greatly contribute to downloads.


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