Google search success secret to win users with simplicity


, the maverick insists on a simple style that makes Google stand out.


Tencent news (Lin Jingdong) Beijing time on May 21st news, border design platform Fastcodesign published comments article said, user search may imply that consumers want more choices. But Google (micro-blog) doesn’t think so, and it stands out in its simple style. How does Google win users by its simplicity?

Google is not the first Internet company to provide search capabilities for consumers when it comes to launching search engines. But Google quickly left its competitors behind and gained acceptance from the mainstream market. As many observers said in the past few years, the simple beauty of Google’s homepage has played an important role in its current success. In fact, we recently conducted a global survey, received a total of more than 6000 valid receipt, the survey result is: there is a brand stand out, it is Google. People give it the highest rating of all brands. It offers a simple, unique and rewarding experience.

but why Google is the only one that can make the search page so simple services? Why other search companies offer the same simple search services not? If simple to attract users, other search companies why not? For a search service of the company, the but don’t seem to be the most sensible approach, but also the most easy to practice.

but in fact, simplicity may be harder than people think. This may explain why Google is the only company to provide such a concise search page. How did Google resist the temptation to add more content to its search page? We interviewed Google with the problem and found something unexpected.

Google also struggled with the simplicity of its design as a home page, and it was not the first to make sure it was a success. In fact, Google has developed a strict system that makes strict limits on what can be added to the home page and what can not be added. Executives must stand firm on the opposite side of the company’s creative engineers. In some cases, they even challenge consumers’ aspirations openly.

insists on avoiding complex bottom lines, which usually require more functionality and ornate design, which is a long and arduous task. Previously all by Marisa Meyer to bear, and now will be the company’s recently appointed consumer network product executives to bear. We asked Meijer how she did it, and she responded with a single word that might come from the theater manager, not from the technology manager

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