How can a web page be without Android Google wants to flatten out

in the near future, your favorite website will be the Android system, that is, the sense of vision. Because Google released Material Design Lite (MDL), and intends to Android system design specifications into the web design of CSS, JavaScript and HTML language.

Google said, MDL is not related to the entire framework, with any developers or designers want to use front-end solutions supporting, while its compression program can be as small as 27kb. The design of MDL, using a new Paper elements, developers can make use of the screening, not just the code base mechanically. For example, it allows you to insert only a picture of an MDL element in an existing web site instead of turning the entire page over again.

, if developers are interested in Material Design, Google says it will give full support. As a streamlined version of Google, at present already provides buttons, text fields, and tools such as drop-down list, development tools, also released in accordance with Material Design standard design and interactive corresponding grid and ensure the breakpoint view specification, including Chrome, Firefox, oupeng and Safari etc., the browser can be used MDL.

Google says it expects more developers to apply MDL on content distribution networks. Since MDL is standard and compatible, the more languages that Google receives, the language will continue to evolve. More design renderings are as follows:



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