Don’t work with data analysis to optimize the promotion methods

network promotion commonly used several methods, every day there are people to share. Soft, blog, quiz, fanchon, Links are the grassroots webmaster will be used. Grassroots Adsense is not easy, in addition to the station every day to update, update in so many blogs, scratching head to write some soft Wen submitting and posting to Baidu know, the question and answer a few questions, so much of a web station submitted URL, a stall to do down has been busy enough.

Before the

fantasy is to do so, in order to increase the chain of multiple posts. Collection of 30 relatively large number of webmaster forum. And then have time to send a post, back to a post. Every time to find a forum, according to the time sequence valve post sorting, then next to the open reply, because the new post may not begin to be included, a web site in the signature, so this is a collection of increased chain.

then collected some Links exchange platform, and then submit your web site information, exchange links is actually false, leave the site outside the chain is the purpose, after all, is the nature of the company, with the company outside the site Links. In this way, the web site was submitted on dozens of websites.

group built blog, this is a lot of people mentioned the method, so I also built 7 stations outside the blog, Baidu, Sina, NetEase, Tianya Sohu comprehensive capture. Update some articles every day and leave the URL information by the way. This job is very monotonous and very boring. And update the blog the same monotonous is to promote the web station, several web station every day to add collection chain increases.

, Baidu knows, Tianya quiz and other quiz websites are also a form of publicity. So I did not let go, in advance to determine the dozens of key words, and then choose a keyword every day to Baidu, know to do Q & A, leave the URL link. There are Baidu encyclopedia is the same way, every day choose a keyword to modify the corresponding entry, leaving the url.

have the rest of the time, you have to spend some effort to write something soft. A more satisfied with their own, and through the Webmaster Station, A5 editor through the article, need to spend some time, especially I’m now learning is selling rookie.

every day, tirelessly to do outside the station to promote, but never think about these methods, in the end there is no effect. No. 26 is said to be a routine update of Baidu, and I am in charge of the forum Daquan, ranking directly from third pages directly gone. Very depressed, very helpless, so also calm down, the majority of this month to do the promotion and the site now made a statistical comparison. After comparing, just discover, the method that spends very much time actually is useless diligent.

chain: from over the site outside the chain increased from 9 to more than 420, 50% of which are submitted to the soft and the 20% is reproduced, the forum brings, blogs and feeds each accounted for 8%, while the Links platform and Baidu encyclopedia, quiz chain site only accounted for 5% the other is, I do not know where it came from the chain. As mentioned above, >

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