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share is Baidu launched a social sharing tools, introduce readers about Baidu share can visit Baidu share "encyclopedia articles themselves, this paper mainly introduces some entries inside knowledge. First of all, we have a simple understanding of this Baidu share, the following view is the blog’s Baidu share results:


integrates the rest of the blog’s content with the keywords: title, title, description tag, URL, snapshot time, and Baidu share. The number of Baidu sharing here shows 5, indicating that the home page of this blog has been shared 5 times. Let’s get down to business:

(1) why do I have to add Baidu share code


first, now social sharing is very hot, the emergence of a variety of social sharing tools, such as bShare, Tencent, Baidu share share and so on, no matter what kind of sharing tools, they all have the same effect, is the "social platform to share more, for our site to bring more so, in order to traffic flow, you should add.

second, I saw about a friend said so in my Tencent space: today saw a very good web page, then I would like to share with more people, but that does not provide the ability to share. As can be seen here, some Internet users are very willing to share, so, for the user experience to consider, you should add.

third, Baidu is the largest search engine, is the universal value of the site traffic sources, so you want your website to better be included in Baidu, if I tell you, plus Baidu share code to help Baidu included would you add? In fact, grasping the principle of Baidu is this: when we add a page without Baidu share code, Baidu spider crawling through the chain to this page, then the page stored in the database; however, when we add the Baidu share code on the page, when users have real sharing behavior, Baidu share will be submitted to Baidu URL the spider, and then it will help Baidu spiders better grab ". So, in order to help included, you should add.

fourth, from above we can see that in the results are the number of Baidu share, but this is only limited by Baidu share will show, for through other social sharing tools to share ", Baidu is not statistical and displayed. While users are accessing the search engine, they are more likely to be influenced by Baidu’s sharing of small hands, and then choose to visit it, even if your ranking may not be in the front. So, in order to click, you should add.

fifth, adding Baidu to share helps to include this as sure, but will it help?

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