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[editor’s note] in August 19th, the U.S. online short rental company Airbnb announced the introduction of Sequoia China and broadband capital, two local investment companies, officially entered China, Airbnb once again received attention. Lei Feng net author Tan Chao, former Facebook engineer, pays close attention to Silicon Valley start-ups, and continues to release Silicon Valley cutting-edge. This article makes an analysis of the success of the Airbnb O2O model, a thorough interpretation of Airbnb’s past and present life, and brings us a full perspective Airbnb.


if you go to the United States or the European tour, I strongly recommend that you try Airbnb, you’ll find it unique listings, exquisite pictures and quality service experience will allow you to use second unable to restrain the emotions. Let me give you a brief analysis of the success of Airbnb.

first of all, I’m ashamed to have been in the United States for 5 years. I’ve never heard of O2O. " Offline to Online" the word itself has hardly been mentioned in Silicon Valley and the American entrepreneurial circle. At first I thought he was going to Hangzhou in April the Alibaba with very limited knowledge and scanty information, then eat it, the sea level asked me to do what I said in a O2O project; he asked what is O2O, I immediately knew I have been very China.

I study at the Silicon Valley

in June half a month, went to visit Andreessen Horowitz, think of them at the beginning of this year about 16 entrepreneurial direction, found that there are also using Online Marketplaces instead of what O2O; Internet trends this month’s new KPCB report, nearly 200 page report in O2O or never " Online To Offline" (indeed, you can search), and only appeared in "on-demand service", online platforms/marketplaces, Service Commerce (and their traditional business tube is called: Product Commerce).

so, this leads to a long time I have suspected that O2O is Chinese coined the term, because most people are good at using the acronym, but often do not know the specific meaning of the word English behind. Like when I was at Facebook, I never heard of SNS, just heard "social network"".

since O2O does not have a formal source, I naturally doubt the success factors of the O2O that the experts have analyzed.

back to the problem itself, this time just back in the Bay Area

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