Giving water to thirsty people how to capture user needs

[core tips] how to understand your user needs, through the analysis of the limited access to such a seemingly simple application, from subtle changes to tell the truth of user needs.

, in the beginning, think in your mind about the answer to a question: how much effort can you make for $6?

earlier, with the launch of iOS6, apple threw a blockbuster: App Store will prohibit the application of recommended applications continue to pass the review. While a domestic "limited free Daquan" at this stage, several versions of continuous updates, seems to have not received new rules restrictions. In these editions, the "restricted free encyclopedia" introduced personal information management and discussion module, providing users with applications recommended to other users, and skillfully circumvent restrictions imposed by apple. Regardless of whether the discussion module is under the pressure of the new rules, I think this feature really makes "limit free encyclopedia" a real step forward from a purely tool based application to the UGC community.

(PS: in fact, don’t blame apple, they do not want to browse service, monopoly application with App Store even iOS6 also provides the interface, the purchase of other applications they actually just want developers to innovate, in different ways for the application of user recommendation. That’s why good foreign recommendation apps like AppFlow can continue to develop)

writing this article, I don’t want to say how magical and clever it is to change the UGC community. I just want to borrow an online activity in the early days of the promotion community to draw the next topic.


When the

discussion zone was launched, only a small number of users posted (guess the post was mostly internal operating accounts), when the official account warmed up an activity – raffle, giving plants Wars zombies. When the event starts, the popularity is far beyond imagination – for 18 yuan (the actual price is often reduced to 6 yuan) of the game, there are so many people would like to write serious recommendations for hundreds of words, hoping to get the exchange code. Now, think back to the answer to the article, and you’ll be surprised at the effort you’re willing to pay. It’s not worth mentioning compared to the fanatical fans.

"limited free encyclopedia" operations team at the end of the event, the timely introduction of the "send zombies" activities, require users to write the application evaluation, has been in the top 10 free applications exchange code. The results are less than two weeks, recommended to participate in the application of the user, has been able to independently as a separate category exists in the limit of free – a small community in the vibrant was born.

gives the user what he really wants, not your

expensive, not necessarily good, fine >

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