Beware of swindlers told everybody to buy links fangpian experience

now do stand is not easy, hard to do some stationmaster station, often didn’t go to bed at 3~4 point, 1~2 point to There are plenty of people who really too hard, because the website development needs, some owners to spend money to buy the chain, this is a normal thing, provides such a good trading platform A5 forum, we do the station are very grateful to A5, Mr. Wang. Thank figure recently due to buy the chain webmaster cheated too much, I also have several webmaster friends to buy the chain for a friend cheated, or to all the webmaster colleagues or write some Mailian after verification, on the use of hope!

1. first look at that person’s contact and website QQ is not the same, some people put QQ into his invasion site, some people use some technical methods to change into his temporary QQ, refresh to see is not that QQ, if the trouble can be asked to sell friendship link station link station, check the QQ is not the QQ station;


asked what his name for the record and then go to the official website ( to check the site is not the same. And his name may use some people say is not necessarily registered is to make an unnecessary move, true, but more of a mind than what all don’t know good;

Do you know the

3. link is the first payment form, usually do go up to pay for each other, this is the liar drilled loopholes, for safety reasons, let the other do website link, one or two days later to pay for each other, if it is the webmaster, he would certainly not agree, if you are a liar promise, he is anxious to immediately collection. Normal day in the action of the site will have in the management of people every day, someone in the update, liar change QQ site may not immediately be found but one or two days later the administrator, maybe the next update is gone;

4.PR high and cheap links it is best to leave a heart to see clearly the buy, do not buy the best, this is a liar in nine out of ten people, said bluntly, if I am willing to spend more money to buy links, but also do not want to be cheated to a penny, heart unhappy ah, what are people, let him cheat I, right.

5. if the chain sold suspicious, please try to select intermediary transactions, we bought dozens of yuan is not the original link for Admin5 intermediary, although 100 yuan the following free but we think the trouble, then you can choose Alipay secured transactions, you should know, confirm the time Alipay secured transactions are generally ten days, the same is the payment choice of secured transactions will not waste much of your time, also some webmaster can’t wait ten days, after two or three days it had confirmed on the line, I believe the real owners will promise the possibility of such transactions, cheated is reduced by.

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