Shop promotion 14 tips

family and friends,

you in the Taobao open a shop, your family know? Your classmates, your friends know? They must tell in the first time, because you told the 100 person, each person will tell more people, a mass ten, ten hundred, there will be countless people who knew you a short time open a shop. Let’s leave a message to the alumni and let the students share the joy of opening a shop with you.


shop after a period of time, you can privately and others contact, exchange friendship connection. At present, each person can add 35 connections, so be sure to cherish it. Through the exchange of shop connections, you can form a small network, can enhance each other’s influence. Try to choose the same category as you, on the one hand, there is no competition; on the other hand, they can promote each other very well. If your name is too long, affecting the overall appearance of your shop, you can appropriately modify the display name each other.

joint promotion

pure friendship link, just placed in the shop front page, the function is limited. And if a few sellers cooperate, joint promotion can make different effect. Try to find complementary stores wherever possible. For example, photography, book monopoly and digital camera store cooperation. Put your partner’s recommendation on each other’s treasure pages, and, if possible, add attractive text. One of’s activities, for example, is

. Good news! Our latest activities, where the purchase of digital cameras in the shop friends plus 15 yuan to [] Ge boutique professional photography bookstore (in the shop shop home page link) to buy a professional photography books!!! (the price limit in less than 30 yuan), by the the original book store will be photographed after the bookstore owner will be mailed directly to you! Note: if the price of more than 30 yuan, exceeding the amount paid by the buyer to the store, less than 30 yuan only 15 yuan, the other by the shop to pay.

can also directly recommend someone else’s shop, a single baby, or category. Working with different types of sellers is good for each other’s business. This can be done in pictures and text, so it works better.

many stores are interdependent. Take [SELL-IT] photography equipment monopoly shop Dongdong, many sellers are using her studio shoot beautiful photos, the basin is one of the beneficiaries. The sellers in her studio will put pictures of the SELL-IT camera in their pictures, including me. Dongdong will also introduce the works of the sellers who use her studio in their studio pages and shop presentations. This is actually an example of joint promotion.

looking for buyers,

business is not waiting, and many times we can go looking for buyers. Some buyers like to buy it, so you can go to see the market and see if they are looking for the treasure you are selling

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