Webmaster should have creative thinking way annotated edition

just saw in A5: "our webmaster should have creative thinking method."". I find it very interesting. I add 60 notes to my boredom. However, the following are my humble opinions, and I also want to make corrections.

1, turn it upside down. For example, someone is doctor’s web, then it’s not impossible to do patient network,


2, put it aside, compare your website with your website, find out the disadvantages and advantages, your words are bigger and better than they are,


3, to narrow the scope, there are webmaster nets, there must be grassroots webmaster nets, ~~~~~

4, the color change, and occasionally make a corner of the site for a color, most people still like change!


5, turn it into a circle. The circle is the most beautiful shape, and your station does not make anyone feel superior to others, but approachable is better.

6, make it bigger. Expand the influence of the website, not just rely on promotion on the line, as well as integrity,


7, make it square. Square, upright and outspoken, and you need to have their own outstanding local


8, make it smaller. Individual stationmaster, your home page is content too much, too miscellaneous? Should reduce weight, ~~

9, make it longer. A content is derived new content, a train of thought changes new ideas.

10, make it flashing. Wangzhuan forum advertising flash eyes ache, but really more attractive flash map.

11, make it shorter. The best soft text is not the longest soft text ~

12, make it spark. What you need is an unprecedented element that fascinates Internet users.

13, so that it can be seen. Advertising, if no one else can see it, is also called advertising, ~~~

14, ignite it. I mean the passion of an individual webmaster!

15, soften it. The highest level of soft Wen is to make people not aware of, this is actually an advertisement.

16, harden it. Don’t be soft to people just remember the article and don’t remember your product.

17, put it in the text. The highest level of advertising, ~

18, miniaturization. Then a small ant is meat dishes, the fly leg meat is also ~~


19 makes it fluorescent. Personal webmaster also can shine, but very little, so we want to unite on the Internet, with fluorescence illuminate the night…

20, make it a tinder. I don’t think the world is full of hype.

21, make it ironic. Write an article titled: I fell in love with the sister lotus.

22, transform packaging. Garbage station, often >

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