SEO the website contains creative to dominate the wise remark of an experienced person

search engine optimization since the development of SEO industry, from the popular to hot to fierce competition now, the Internet has become one of the most rapidly developing industry, as long as often removed from the interconnected friends are some understanding of SEO technology, the author has two years ago was exposed to SEO, with the SEO industry a groundless talk come, although not a very good experience to optimize personnel, but also has a unique perspective on optimization.

Search engine optimization

today, compared to the previous two years is indeed a lot of difficult, the site you want to get a better ranking and traffic, must in many aspects are very good, in addition to change the algorithm for Baidu in the past two years greatly and against low quality content sites, resulting in the webmaster in dire straits, always worried about the site accidentally by at the same time as punishment; domestic search market competition, in order to allow users to search more precise aspects of the needs of the content, the future search engine will strengthen the site for a full range of audit efforts. Since then, SEO optimization personnel need to master more technology, the pressure is also increasing. So, in this case, how to make the search engine optimization effect has been improved? Here, I think the website contains ideas, search engine will give very good benefits; then I work together with you into the idea:

one, why does the website do originality,


1, copying and copying the Internet seriously hinder the development of new things, resulting in many people engaged in the Internet industry lost consciousness of innovation.

2, the traditional enterprises in the fierce competition, the survival of precarious, urgent need for innovation to get new students.

3, the development of many industries in the Internet homogenization, disadvantage is distinctive, sustainable operation difficult.

4, the market competition makes many enterprise website very difficult to obtain better keywords ranking, even if there are rankings, but very unstable.

5, the site’s traffic advisory transformation is poor, need to be creative to attract users to improve the current bottlenecks encountered.

In fact, the Internet

difficulties than the above mentioned, the aside, I still talk about ideas from a small website, when the site has the time difference and scarcity, we can be sure that the website is creative, you need to study many aspects of the site however, in determining whether a web site with creative time, we also investigated on several creative characteristics:

What are the common features of

two and the so-called creativity


1, first is must satisfy the strong creative needs of customers, the customer is always required, and then can be weak demand, when the potential demand can stimulate the user’s creativity, after may become a strong demand, the idea is very successful.

2, creativity must be the competitor does not have, or is the opponent’s inferiority, and we >

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