Tencent layout local portals direct users and third party applications to break the tradition

August 26th, Tencent and Henan daily newspaper group jointly built a local portal Tencent · big Yu network (henan.qq.com) formally launched on-line operation. This is the first month of August 8th by the Tencent Inc and Southern Newspaper Media Group jointly build Guangdong city life portal · Tencent; Guangdong Net (gd.qq.com) officially launched after the second local portal site layout of the Tencent within a month. After five years of Tencent has been in Chongqing, Sichuan, Hubei, Fujian, Shaanxi four provinces and one city layout of Tencent · Chongqing net, · net, a large Tencent; Tencent · Chu network, · network, Tencent; Damin Tencent · net five local portal site. Only Tencent · Chongqing net, · net is a Tencent; in May 06 in June for the layout of the line. In August, even the two local portals on the line belong to the first time, so we can see that Tencent is optimistic about and value for the local gateway community. The layout of provincial local doors by Tencent has broken the traditional situation and development model of local gateways. In the future, the local gateway market will be more competitive because of the involvement of Tencent, and the wind of reform and innovation will become stronger and stronger.

and traditional media cooperation model initially formed, taking advantage of resources

from the layout of the provincial Tencent local community can be found, from the initial Tencent · big Yu network to today’s Tencent · big Henan network basically adopted a large local newspaper group cooperation model. Like Tencent ·, cooperation between the big Yu network, Tencent ·, big Chu network and Hubei daily media group, Tencent ·, Guangdong Guangdong network and Nanfang Media Group cooperation. To the Tencent · just last week, the cooperation between Tai Yu net and Henan daily newspaper group. Cooperation with the provincial press group is a powerful combination, Tencent as China’s largest Internet Co, but also with the largest user base of China’s IM client QQ, user base and network resources is its biggest advantage. The provincial traditional newspaper group has the advantage of the traditional media that Tencent does not have. Such as the depth of content information and local influence. The Internet giant and traditional media giant cooperation, strong integration of various resources advantage provided by Tencent, users and traffic, the traditional media content and local influence, will give the traditional local portal brings great impact.

at present, the development of domestic local portal site is in the rising period, although in some economically developed areas have emerged in Changzhou, Xiamen, Hangzhou long lane fish nineteen floor, Jiangsu Xicihutong excellent local portal, but the vast majority of the region’s local portal development is still in its initial stage, although the contention of a hundred schools of thought. But the real stable profit model and influence is not much. The local portal market in most areas is still dominated by traditional media and operator websites

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