Novice webmaster talk about the station experience a little experience

online for many years, there is always the desire to build a site, but not for various reasons.

surfing the Internet is entertainment, there is always chat, entertainment, a chance to meet an old woman, work outside the building site, I quite echocardiography. With emotion, a retired person is still learning to build a station. Besides, my young man should study hard. So under her guidance, gave me some learning website, initially gave me the task China Witkey like, registered to do the task to experience online life, but also through such a hard labor is not easy to understand the network.

after this, I got a pot of gold in the task of network life Chinese, (to the people to do publicity, registration, as moderators, links and other small live) income is not much, a few hundred yuan reward, but changed my understanding of the network, the network of gold everywhere, see you how to pick up. This is through continuous learning to experience, I will according to the requirements of the study, will not be on the Internet search.

I am the first to know Wangzhuan Wangzhuan forum, many large and small, I collect a lot of home, registration, publicity, and referrals. Get a good, but still feel are not much, like floating smoke and passing clouds, people always go back. I had wanted to be the head of the idea, see some QQ group as a side bonus promotion task, gathered a group of people, as he registered it, click on it, and the price is low, but it is a registered 2 points, one can get a few dollars, some electricity is not enough yet. I want them to get these tasks in what place? Come to have the agent task, then analysis, they have their own website or blog, do the task when told to go to a website or blog click what. Now think about it, they are the boss, and we are directed by these migrant workers for their work, the webmaster can double income. After communicating with some Internet users, I learned that the webmaster can make free income, it is better than working, but what I need is the mentality. I want to be rich and need some hard work. It is perseverance and endurance. There are failures, network life, once not back to the webmaster, in vain online tour.

with this idea, I’m looking for QQ group on the Internet, what kind of station groups and so on, to ask you a group of long, these netizens are great, mutual help, gave me the power to build the site. When I want to find the teacher learning website in the QQ group, the students met a little brother (net) my name is Tracy friends, help me to buy space from the recommended system, get domain name, I use dedecms, this website two days I will do the preparatory work. With a world and worldly, do domain name, want to experience the network through the emotional life, can collect blog fine article, service for the vast number of friends, provide spiritual food for users. This is my original idea, my brother called me Komidori users upload system, analytical work, the rest I every day in the forum. "

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