Site reviews a week of wonderful how to make the site better and better three

webmaster do most of the work alone, a person running one or more websites, sometimes confused, sometimes encountered bottlenecks. This time someone inadvertently a comment might have inspired him, find hope in the long way.

give roses, fragrance in hand. A5 forum in the spirit of mutual help, held a daily website review activities, mainly for the review site put forward constructive suggestions, ariadne. From the end of May has been on a number of more than 100 owners of the site. Comment is not a panacea, but it is possible to let the webmaster regain the confidence to do the station, the better the site. This paper summarizes some comments in websites and wonderful comments to readers.

October 19th website review

reviews website: 3G mobile mall

website description: 50IP; "3G mobile mall" in the two search engines ranked first page; Baidu and Google are not included in the current, plans to open another "3G", "3G mobile phone", "mobile mall" and other keywords.

best comment 1: by 90 Boy webmaster comment

first of all, the website is pretty good from both the overall layout and the website program. The first feeling for the whole site should be good, but the site logo doesn’t agree with the overall style.

secondly, according to the webmaster’s planning of the website, I put forward some suggestions:

, the positioning of the keyword fuzzy, you go to the Baidu index query, "3G mobile phone mall", this word is not found, is not what people search for this, on the contrary, "3G mobile phone", "3G" these two words are not wrong, but the word "3G" is relatively popular more so, suggestions for the station to the main website keywords "3G mobile phone positioning".

two, the site program is good, but the site promotion is not enough, and did not do SEO optimization, it is recommended to find some special SEO optimization company to do the optimization.

three, the search box on the top right of the most popular commodity "! Because according to the habit of Internet users, in the popular view of your goods, will get used to the re search of other goods, if you put the search box in the vicinity of position, will definitely increase the search volume, so that the site of other goods show people’s chances of


four, the first page of the home page optimization into horizontal, the current home page layout will destroy the image of the entire site, and also reduce the Internet users on your website trust. In addition, you can also add the record information or other relevant documents at the bottom of the website. This is online shopping, to establish the user’s trust in the website!


best comment 2: by inspiration webmaster review

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