Talk about me less than three months will stand PR3 Baidu included ten thousand feelings

the first time to A5 published articles, I feel very happy, I hope I do stand real experience, can bring a little inspiration for the webmaster. I am a programmer, do quickly, a station one or two days to fix, the first time to engage in small game station or in 08 years, then saw the 7k7k game site is very beautiful, so I intend to make one like him, the first day of Art (fix directly on the down of his HTML source code), afternoon and evening are good procedures, complete data acquisition of more than 10000 games in second days. Third days to hang up on the server. Then netful everywhere propaganda, Tianya, ChinaRen and so on the forum to delete the hair, hair cut, it was a lot of IP, but the IP will not last long, but is not stable, and very tired. It didn’t work. I sold it at that time.

after a long time, I want to play a small game station, but this time I decided to continue to go on, in fact, the purpose of this game station is to combat, I just learned SEO. Another two or three days, I have got a nearly more than 40000 data game station, hanging on to the server, but hang up before I have the station optimization, must speak good after the first SEO optimization on the server, some of the remaining small details can slowly get on SEO. I was very focused on internal links, also drew a very detailed connection diagram, the whole looks like a net, I went with a network connection will all play well, the home page, list page, content page, and some single page, there is a relatively normal sitemap (http://s. After I submitted to the Baidu web site, according to my learning SEO knowledge, go to the blog blog, the title of the article finally took on my website, the content is about my game, my blog every day, one day a blog article, mainly in 163, Sohu, Sina, blogbus, Baidu Google, cool crooked, the forum, as well as Yahoo and Tom etc.. In addition to blogging, that is, to Baidu post bar, fixed every day about ten hair with posts, remember not to stick in the same hair Oh, the number of pre also can not be too much. At the same time, I also went to Baidu collection, QQ bookmarks, Ken Ken, collecting my collection of small games, I sent out every article and every post title will eventually bring Just a few days after Baidu is collected, in addition to the daily update included games (I only update a sufficient time, two or three article, too hard to find, almost light collection), Post Bar post, I began to do the chain. Home page with my own a PR1 nets do chain, and then find friends are also included in the station, do chain.


is a new station, the station simply ignore me, there is no way, I bite the bullet and a asked, okay with me before my.

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