Personal webmaster should try to avoid these mistakes

, no matter who, there are inevitably mistakes, personal Adsense is no exception, especially some novice adsense. In order to make fewer mistakes, avoid the same mistake and not make two mistakes. It is necessary to talk about this topic and hope to be a reference to the novice.

personal site positioning error

who know the positioning of personal website is very important, if the positioning errors, future development will be more difficult! For example some personal website content does not cover and contain everything to highlight its own characteristics, and don’t want to be a portal like Sina


personal website content is lack of innovation

personal website repeated too much content, and even some web content is all collected by the program, a few points, the contents of the mouse came over. Personal website if you can not highlight the personality, how to attract visitors?.

blindly follow the trend of changing website program

some personal Adsense see BBS is fire, oneself also engage in BBS, later popular blog, and want to use blog program. Do not change website program easily, because changed website program, the content that you collected before in search engine is useless.

personal website SEO wrong understanding

some personal webmaster think good SEO can achieve that kind of effect in Baidu bidding, and even have a web site designed specifically for search engines. I’m dizzy. If SEO can do something amazing, who will be bidding in Baidu?.

website error in making money

some personal Adsense is heard that other people do the website to make money, also hurriedly make a website, also want to make some money. Is it so easy to make money? Compare it to real life.

personal website content illegal

some personal websites are full of temptations, pictures or text to attract visitors, so that sooner or later. In this renovation of the Internet vulgar wind, such sites will certainly go down a lot. Do not pay attention to intellectual property website, there may be trouble! Article from personal webmaster home please keep the link at the end of the individual webmaster wish health, very pleased with the exchange of learning.

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