My logo road and experience

first thank graph king, my logo before have to sell! Sell that day when I really did not feel regret! I still love LOGO! So I had second logo! When you don’t have to do without the creative design and to do so, not only is not good, a a performance but also a waste of time,

when you don’t have enough time to design a LOGO for customers to do? Design an illustration of the effect of LOGO nonsense!? I don’t think so, illustrated LOGO does not mean its quality does not follow to go up, the key is how you use. In this digital age, we can easily find a large number of illustrations on the Internet, and some even vector pictures, and what we need to do is: how can we use this precious resource to serve ourselves?. For me, the design of a LOGO technique is illustrated: the main picture materials used by LOGO are from other places, and we have to do is to extract some parts of them, then it is the organic combination of the formation of a new LOGO – in a sense, this is not a copy and imitation, and is still a kind of creation — at least, at least I think so, ha ha. I know there is a LOGO network is dedicated to a platform of art design, if you have time to look at.

              a method of making a LOGO which is two or more pictures together, they must also make use of the same color, the use of the two images is still a prerequisite, that is the two pictures the style is very similar to the LOGO combined look like specially designed like, and you can understand a truth. To make a name in the design elements you can make your LOGO look unique personality, with a fixed pattern to your text, then a picture cover, you can make your LOGO into a unified whole. This LOGO has an advantage, even if your peers also use similar patterns to design LOGO, will not let others confused, because the name is your own unique after all. Although many LOGO are associated with some meaningful meaning, there is nothing wrong with showing your name in the most intuitive way. You might also want to add text directly to the design. Good! Let us continue to implement Mr. Lu Xun ism, when we put a piece of text images, forget the original text to put them all out, in his own words! If you want to go this illustration LOGO line, you should have a mental preparation, you use the a picture may be another one to go the road to see, he might as you learn your image is used in a LOGO>

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