The road to success for beautiful girls

finally do webmaster!!!


used to do domain names, and now do commercial housing network webmaster. Ha ha, think about it or write down this experience!!! Give you LOOK! LOOK!


, it’s 04 years from ~~~~

, in the last year of 04 years, school affairs are almost the same. Every day, when a jar, bubble on the internet. At that time, I only knew how to play games. Approaching graduation to find a job has become the primary problem. After all, to eat well, but naturally do not like to be bound, and more disgusted, every day in the office to sit for a day’s work, and work is not led by this leadership, that is the leader scolded. Think about doing what you like. It was found that some of the friends around were doing domain names. Curious. I can earn a lot of money if I hear it. Hehe. Then I join the army of domain names, but many things are easy to watch, but when you want to realize it, it’s not so easy. At the beginning of doing a lot of things have found themselves do not understand what the space domain: ah ~ ah ~ even do not know why they are usually they know me, I don’t know them (University is marketing) Hey ~ ~ ~ ~ in order not to let them sad, it can’t bite the bullet do not ask the experts, the domain name good "". In my day in hot pursuit of the spirit of "experts" have been asked (I really is my question too "level") slowly over time, everything is on track, gradually also made easier but also earn some money, but when the main and for the interested.

has the opportunity to study in England in 05 years, and this can not be missed. With a Chinese heart, he embarked on the journey of studying abroad. After going abroad to see more only to find themselves have a lot to learn, then the domain name still do some pocket money to be honest when interest in addition to see so many rely on typical selling domain names of their own build up the family fortunes this road, go. Years of facts proved unworkable. Still study well.

07 year study period back to the life I have the great motherland, my kind! But came back to find the price of Beijing this year and prices have skyrocketed, sometimes with friends to chat and find out that the people spoke of a "real" when one (no way to talk about real color is! Some of the older youth) plus every day watching TV and the news on the network, is the real real real, every two or three days, the. Then whim: simply make a commercial housing website, they have learned is marketing, coupled with a lot of "real estate people" know some things in the housing industry. In fact, many people can not afford to buy a house, in addition to money factors, there is an important reason is that the amount of information is not enough. If you know more about the real estate of some timely national, industrial policy, master certain property knowledge, negotiation skills and some so-called "doorways", "insider" what · · &m>

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