Travel website user experience details of the service can actually do better

a few days to prepare to travel to Shenzhen, go online to search the most probably it did not actually happen "hotel reservation", the first page of the list of all the "promotion", it seems that Baidu really make money, but also that the word of the competition is so fierce, saw two familiar, "art dragon net" and "Ctrip", and then began to the two website, finally I chose the following reasons in "elong" booking:

one, the choice that stays in a city, "carry Cheng net" and "art dragon net" analysis

1, Ctrip city screen screenshot


2, eLong city screen screenshot

from the above two options, obviously feel elong high more customers to understand, the site must have done corresponding experience expert statistics, direct listed city must be statistical search choose the most, so the city listed here, the most convenient customers, so that customers feel simple and easy to operate, thereby leaving a concise impression on the entire site.


two, and then look at "elong" and "Ctrip" 360 degree panorama

1, Ctrip’s 360 degree panorama


2, eLong 360 degrees panorama

obviously, eLong panorama looks very comfortable, and the feeling of Ctrip’s panorama seems a bit stingy, so these details you may not have noticed, but this is the user experience, this is the reason why I choose to elong, because factors in all aspects of advertising agreement next, who work in detail, who will occupy a space for one person.


source: Guangxi Wu SEO training


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