Witkey Witkey model needs to be sound

in zhubajie did the project people know that there are a lot of results is cheating: anonymous publishing tasks for a vest, and then choose the vest for winning the manuscript, and then steal people’s achievements of labor; there are many false (net case Beanstalk class), too, which is not the lack of official net movement. Let us move especially sad sad; there are some tasks, the task of Witkey publisher didn’t draft selection (the promotion class), some companies have the intention is to use the pig to promote your product or web site, but also on the inside for cheating, it is not a direct. Give yourself face to end a shit pot over his head buckle, let his credibility, is ridiculous, so absurd…

we are not beggars, we are not boring people. You want to get involved in the task of the bonus, but this ratio who all know is small, but we are still in, do you know why we ah? Customer customers, if you do Witkey, can’t you feel the same? Why don’t you change an angle to consider for Witkey? (voice: from the users of


said that the first "Witkey" this mode of operation, is really very good, this gives us free to provide a free knowledge, wisdom, experience, skills into the Money platform, so that people can solve on the Internet through science, technology, work, life and learning problems so as to let the knowledge, wisdom, experience and skills to reflect the economic value. SOHO family is also more like, at home office, free and easy…

this cheating style more and more rampant, but the pig’s official website seems to never have what anti cheating action, I can only say nothing to them, which seriously endangers the basic interests of every Witkey, but also restricts the development of "Witkey" of this kind of mode, Witkey seeing the hard work go to waste I don’t know, this site can exist long

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