Personal stationmaster only have money in my eye

has been thinking about the question of what personal websites earn in 2008, which has always been the subject of concern for most of my personal web owners.

in 2007 to work in an industry website that I always wanted to own a website, try out the network, because there is no technology, basic HTML will not, this idea has not been implemented, to close to the end of the year, when the rumors, some personal website is bought, not cheap these heroes, grassroots entrepreneurial achievements, I will make Annaibuzhu their entrepreneurial passion, and registered the domain name, made his first website, virtual host evaluation network


also need to work at the beginning of the use of spare time in the first half of this year, through the planning, design, maintenance, website promotion and so on, every day perfect progress, at the same time I have a certain understanding of the Internet, through which a busy year, but the increasing influence of the website, the transaction more and more complicated, it only requires the cooperation of letters mailbox every day full, only in my spare time, I have no time to deal with that, once want to give up their work full-time to do, but my website on what profit? Use and support the site not far from I began to imagine that simple personal website to make money, development now the trend, development costs and profits to support themselves and website, is the elusive thing, so I would like to ask: personal webmaster to 2008 only for money and you take out the discussion? Besides money, what else can we get from the website? If it’s only for money, in my personal experience, many industries are easier to earn more money than the internet,.

2008 is the personal website development, is also the personal website of the turning point, the site is the key to restrict personal loss is not profitable website development. If not profitable, and can not find the website to develop the reasons for motivation, can not find the website existence value, believe that many websites will persist for too long, it is almost every webmaster will experience problems, after not profitable to reality, Pathfinder ambition is commendable, but continuing Pathfinder thinking should be mature and calm…. personal webmaster I only have eyes for money!? this paper by the station feeds.

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