User experience eye movement research introduction application value and problem


with the emergence of user experience and the progress of technology and equipment, eye movement research has become more and more well-known, and more research consulting institutions or enterprises in China begin to have eye tracker. But for the eye movement technique and research methods, many friends are still in the water moon, hopes to further understand the role of eye movement research, analysis of the use of the method of learning. One of the most important concerns is the special role of eye movement research. The purpose of this paper is to make a brief introduction to eye movement research and answer the question of what and why.

many people are very concerned about the problem of what to do, to interested friends recommend a valuable new translations "using eye tracking websites usability" a book with a supplementary report (see further reading), here is not discussed.

what is eye movement,


‘s detailed introduction to the principles of eye physiology and eye tracking can be found in other books. In fact, you only need to master some of the most basic knowledge, which will help you better understand the concept of eye movements.

first, we say that the eye (eye movements) (fixation) in fact including fixation and saccade (saccade) two basic movement. It is continuous in time to see the world feel the sight, but from the eye movement records which can clearly see that in fact the eye activity jumps, is sometimes a short pause, called "look", some time is moving fast, called saccades". The results will be expressed through the eye circle and line graph, which can be seen watching and can see the saccade called eye movement trajectory (gaze plot).

is generally concerned with gaze points in usability testing and ad eye movement experiments. This is because the human eye is only watching when can "see" things, saccade happens when a certain degree of blindness. This is because we do not feel the saccade speed is very fast, usually only one percent seconds to 1/10 seconds.

secondly, the fixation point refers to the clearest visual region of the human eye (foveal vision). People tend to think they see the whole environment clearly, but they can see only a limited amount of each moment. You can try to keep your eyes stationary, and try to read the text beyond your focus, and you’ll find it very difficult. The eyes of the human eye can clearly range from about one to two words, and this is usually the area where attention can be focused on processing.

for pictures, people can still see even if they are not in the range of gaze. The same experiment shows that the pictures are in a certain range from the point of view

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