The website is K use soft Wen to let him rebirth

was K, drop the right, into the sandbox, almost became our webmaster’s mantra, it also reflects, do not stand easily, the webmaster is also very difficult!


below, I’ll talk to your webmaster, my website was Baidu K later, and again included, IP normal process. My station seven travel nets,, everybody can go to see, now included normal. The original station do not know SEO, but I just want to get my SEO, my position is self defeating, standing long tail words do game, but I put here in Description: Dungeon Fighter Online, aion, Moore Park, Obi island and other more than 10 popular games, for good games do not come here forget the call with JS, blocked the path to catch spider crawling content, into the dead cycle, the spider blocked at the door, another I used the key words around, made about more than 2000 articles, I was slow to God, at the beginning, Baidu included a Huan, a month not included I more than 4900, IP can also be maintained at around 3000, Baidu figured out good times don’t last long, cheating, direct K, page left, the worry, I think the webmaster is felt.

after I found the website was K, I made a quick adjustment. The site was K, Links want to exchange with them, others certainly do not give you the exchange, to buy connections are not a good buy, the others will stand even exhausted, I used the hand to the middle voice of the hair of the chain, a day to 300 the chain, so stick to half a month there is no effect, the middle also applied in some large Blog websites, blogs with, more than a month, the effect is still not, Baidu is not included.

thinking, I think with a soft try, was also holding the attitude of the experiment, wrote an article published in the A5, unexpectedly released at noon afternoon, included, I search under the title of the article, there are 7 stations reproduced, and included very fast, suddenly let me see dawn, with high weight, fast updating station with my station, I write soft, friendship not to do, the soft inside connection with, or allow the left. I insist that every write a soft text, at the same time I also found a kind of game related site, write the game speech, to contribute, to some business sites and seven travel network to write my story, and so on, 5 days, the website reborn, Baidu included, and now contains 7 pages.

finally told the webmaster friends, write, attention must be paid to the quality of a soft, the same may bring you hundreds of the chain, may not have a love, everyone is worth reading something a bit, a hard, enjoy life! (the seven travel network please, thank you)

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