Novice garbage station a month to do 30 thousand P practical Raiders

hard for a month to flow up to 30 thousand, the space space provider said to stand, web server can operate normally, otherwise the space often can not be opened, and rent a server at least $3000 for me, a poor novice, really difficult, can not afford to rent a server, depressed…………

30 thousand IP, GG only put ads, have income is not much, even more than a month to receive the money, money also can not afford to do station, so much traffic can not earn much money, no way to make money, again depressed…… ..

old webmaster friend suggested that I do a few popups, 30 thousand flow, several popups add up, in theory, almost 300 yuan, but the website can not open, can not implement, despair…… ..

is not to earn money, there are so many IP feel a little sense of achievement. So to the webmaster nets breeze, can also find a psychological comfort, after all, many owners still have not seen the 30 thousand IP, now published two trick of one of their own, hoping for some useful webmaster want to burst lost.


the first trick: a lot of people know that there are millions of traffic hodgepodge every day, I’m from here every day to pull thousands of IP, in order to avoid someone said I was bragging, I explain in detail the Raiders, let everyone greatly burst cool to.

first to find a way to a MP, MP is a kind of virtual currency, path to engage in MP there are two, one is in the Taobao buy, one yuan is enough for a month, another is to play games to earn. MP put MP to ten the trumpet himself in this title, in order to avoid and then use the money to buy moon symbol. "".

and here’s the key: moon symbol is the role of the post in the post their top post in the first place, as long as you hodgepodge home that several sticky hair a few ads, the post every day but hundreds of thousands of hits, you stick with the moon symbol after the display in ZhuTie below hundreds of thousands of people, read the thread, then to your advertisement, as long as the ads do a little temptation, 10 thousand IP a day, so there. The first trick is this, absolutely true, the workload is small, people will not see more of this paragraph of the Raiders, learned to do a few minutes every day, there are tens of thousands of IP came. Why do I say just a few minutes every day? Because used props, the moderator is unable to delete your ads, only an administrator can delete the administrator, with no time to read these posts, so I generally have not been deleted stickers. A put on advertising, often can top to stick down until no longer sticky.

, and then I’ll say my second trick: skillfully exchange traffic,


is very common with traffic switching, but the effect is obviously different. I used to use a few old exchange alliance, the effect is also very good, probably I point out how much, he will return a lot or more than I point out a little more. But I’m ten thousand traffic per >

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