User hate is hand Q itself or hate Tencent product style




these two days have been discussing hand Q cottage WeChat’s problems, which I found that the most controversial is the mobile phone QQ "abandoned" the "online status" and "exit" function. This is not difficult to see, Tencent really want to learn WeChat, so that users always online. The problem is that the user can accept WeChat’s always online, that is, can not accept the hand, Q always online. Why? Habit problems, hand Q should do what it should have done, hand Q should appear in the user’s cell phone as it should be. If WeChat does not hand before birth, Q was the revision, that is to say, if the hand Q to advance to the revision before 2011, so that the user will reject? Hypothesis: the revision of before 2011, then the Tencent TM mobile, QQ mobile phone to let WeChat dry now things, let mobile phone TM to dry hands now that Q (office). I don’t think there will be so many things.

I think, in fact users are not objectionable version of the mobile phone QQ, but the Tencent has always been the "copycat" style, but because people have the habit or hate this style, the Tencent practices, or an accident, or a story.

first of all, does the mobile phone QQ need to be changed?. I think the reform is certain, if a product is never reformed, it is a dead product (if the QQ International Edition). However, the reform, the mobile phone QQ team did a questionnaire survey, did not ask the user’s opinion did not? Because I rarely use the mobile phone QQ, even if there is a questionnaire survey, I do not know. But obviously, the mobile phone QQ team did not solicit the views of users, but only efforts to upgrade this strategic product to "in line with the trend of the times" and "in line with user habits."". But facts have proved that "in line with the trend of the times", dare not say, the user first of all disgusted. Even if the user has been asked for advice, but also failed to adopt.

second, QQ mobile phone location where? I have the QQ as a IM software, although it is trying to be a lot of other elements, although some really convenient, but where is it located? Cite a wrong knife blog text:

users in the know Xie Jinfu commented that display different online status is "a description of user scenarios", two people chat online, mobile phone and computer online will affect the chat, if your mobile phone online, we generally do not send an urgent document, will not send the picture and link etc.. Product manager @ flying Xiaoqiang told me Tucao: gold always criticize it, for the amount of users accustomed to Android really not used to delete recent contacts, contact friends transfer group, close the landing end records of account information, and cancel the online user display.

it’s easy to see from above references, >

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