The four elements of Amoy webmaster based Taobao guest must do

here, although I do not long off Taobao! But I have long time for customers through Taobao! Because I used to be a forum! February is not before the Spring Festival server room informing me that the special needs for the record, otherwise you can only do a few years off! BBS, suddenly had to give up this revision, because of personal station special record so I spent nearly easier said than done? The February revision time into the station Taobao! A few years as a webmaster, sold a few years also gave people the size of the server, do some optimization, now share some Taobao station experience the four elements for everyone, is entirely their own hard to get a few years of practice


first: sign up for a good domain name

analysis: you know if your domain name is very long, so others can not easily remember, so you repeat it down, then some people will say, I don’t know of ah, is the collection, but ask how many people do, you do a survey you know the answer to your friends! Then said domain name registration must check whether the domain name is K, if do not have a bad record to register! Because it is affecting the weight and


second: select a good server

analysis: such as, why do you say, first take the virtual host, it is not recommended to use, because a virtual host may have several websites, there are at least 50-300 stations share a IP, because the search engine of this station is not very cold. How can I check it, to here IP query site how many sites, < virtual host can generally be used, you can query to the trial under paragraph IP how many stations > if some don’t use, because is a waste of money, a penny goods

!It is recommended to use the VPS

host or flat-share VPS can also useful independent server! This effect is good! Because a VPS host machine is an independent IP, flat-share words, such as the 20 people you rent flat-share were fixed up to 20 sites, will improve your website speed and included, of course a standalone server that is better! But the cost is too high < good reliable about a year in more than 4000 > the VPS cost of the machine in the 800-1000, it is recommended! Flat-share VPS about 200-400/ years, so it is recommended to disable > free hosting, because it is not good for the development of what you and why, to think of >


I personally don’t recommend using a foreign host, why. You don’t know is because things are all foreigners, English, estimated that not many people can understand other people what is a company or a person you don’t know, maybe you didn’t shut what! It is recommended to find the well-known I>

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