When you’re going to be a local portal you need to know that operations need sweat

5 years of local portal road operation, let me on the local portal site operators have a profound experience in 2007, when I started to do local portal, only an idea, do local portal and a literature station, music website is not the only difference is not the same as the program more simple things?. But then I found out, I was wrong, after a few years of course, I summed up a, when you are ready to do local portal, you need to know that the operating room needs sweat, why need sweat,


1, website content

, a local portal is the basic content, not will not keep visitors, we assume that the operation is Beijing portal, you can’t go around to get some information in Tianjin, Shanghai. Therefore, the local portal information source is within a regional scope. Then the columns usually local portal site settings are news, classified information, personnel, property, after the column set, the contents come from? You might say, the news can collect local news website, then classified information, real estate information if you are trying to capture. So you can think about the visitors who come to your website and want to see your information everywhere? Will search engines like the information you collected? The answer is definitely not. Visitors need the latest and most effective information, and the search engines like original information.

I in 2007 -2012 years is one operation of a county-level local portal site, convenient copy paste bar rental information and other classified information to the street every day is my daily task, read the newspaper every day, look at what people love to the newspaper is every day I must see, see each new communication who appeared newspaper articles I have managed to get in touch and the correspondent, and then solve the problem of news content sources, through years of persistence, my contribution is more than the newspaper news. Whether it’s spring, summer, autumn and winter, I do the same thing every day.

two, website promotion


website has the content source, has the foundation, then next must do is to let your website let more people know. Promotion is simple, but as a place where there is not a lot of money to support, portals can be a tough job. Can only choose free promotion channels or spend little promotion way, then these methods are all we need to pay sweat.

every day to the local forum Post Bar information, but, for a long time, they directly sealed your web site, what I was going to print the cheapest name card printing shop, sometimes even use A4 paper to cut, and then put a packet to the city street every business I will send a print, A4 size to households is concentrated in a paste on the wall, imperceptibly I joined fresh cow advertising…

sweat is not white, after unremitting efforts, 3 months later >

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