Talk about how Web Games stand out

08 years is a year of web game blowout, within a year, hundreds of web games to the market, almost every day there are new web games introduced, how fierce competition between each other can be imagined. Faced with many web game developers and operators in front of the first priority is how to stand out in a large number of web games, attract more attention of gamers. If you want to stand out from many competitors, you must start with the types of games, the content of the game, the quality of the game, the services of the game, and so on.

, game type

the current types of web games mainly focus on war strategies class, because we are all concentrated in this type of game, resulting in the serious homogenization, such as the positioning of the game is to reach ten or twenty, to highlight its characteristics. Therefore, in the choice of game types, the game developers should try to avoid competitors too many types, and select the current competitors less leisure sports, community development class. For example, playing a game on the other side of the Qiao path, the development of the first domestic leisure chess game web games, the first person to eat crabs, of course, have the opportunity to come to the fore.

two, the content of the game


has made a choice in the game type, the game developer should choose a good game content. Even now the war strategy game, as long as the game has a new and innovative game themes and content, the game can still stand out in many games. If you still want to copy Ogame, Travian, to copy three countries, such a game may be favored by the players? The market needs a Ogame, a Travian, a three countries is enough. If you want to attract players, then your game must be original, national, innovative, unique.

three, game quality

game quality is the key to survive the game, a game must have a scientific and reasonable game system, gorgeous and beautiful picture, vivid characters, rich and colorful game props, fast and convenient communication channels of the game player, the game speed smoothly, fair game atmosphere and so on, only this game can be faithful the game player support. If a rough graphics, character modeling, game props mediocre, poor communication players, always dropping the game, players may continue to play it?

four, game service

game service as a game soft things, equally important. Good game service can reduce the content of the game is homogeneous, lower quality of the game from the bad impact. Professional and reliable novice guide, convenient recharge channels, ways of diverse consulting, quick response complaints handling, etc., are good web games must be the service content,

is still wondering how his web game is coming out of a wide range of competitors?

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