Talk about the website old domain name do station should pay attention to what problems

recently, I changed my title to many stations, and even some of them changed to other websites directly. I’m going to talk about the domain name change, the title or the theme change of the website. What should we pay attention to when we are using the old domain name as a station?

uses Baidu included a long time domain has a great advantage, with the weights of the old domain name has many long links, so the domain name itself has a high weight, for the other main base keyword optimization easily do rankings, but although sometimes very large, in the use of the process also need to pay attention to a lot of problems, or improper use may cause the domain name search engine to be scrapped, the domain name you pull the black.

first talk about the old domain name to do what advantages stand


1. old domain name Baidu update speed, if you use the new domain name, it is difficult for Baidu optimization, you need to adhere to more than a month’s time to update your website, perhaps for a longer time, Baidu will recognize your website to give a snapshot of your website and update the speed of this is let a person very upset. But the old corn is no longer needed, and it may be normal to update your website for one or two weeks.

2. old domain name itself in search engines have weight, so the weight is inheritance, for your website short access to high weight has great advantage.

3. old domain name outside chain long time. More than the chain is very important, but the time factor is also one of the old corn outside the chain is generally relatively long time, there is a great advantage.

enables many advantages of old domain names, but you must pay attention to the use of old domain names to replace the subject of the process. Here are some of the questions I’ve outlined:

1. site replacement theme must be moderate, not three days, two days for a website, so easily lead to Baidu pull black site. In the process of using the old domain name as a garbage station, there is nothing wrong with changing a station for another one or two months.

2., it is best not to use the theme of different stations to do garbage stations, such as film and television stations, you can do long-term film and television stations, enterprises stand you can do long-term enterprise station. But it’s dangerous to change websites that don’t have the same theme. Because your site outside the chain may not meet some of the topics on the website, not by Baidu that your station is outside the chain of hair was K.

enabled old domain names are common and not a problem.

a lot of friends in the use of the process, the replacement of the theme has led to some unnecessary concerns, such as Baidu snapshot, site homepage is not the first. These questions are not a problem at all. You just have to be patient and be perfectly normal.

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