Zhao Xiaoguo spicy hot what conditions need to join

spicy hot pot as a small brand items, consumers are very fond of one of the snack items. Spicy snacks also have a variety of different brands in the market, but the rise in the market a new brand is very popular, so Zhao Xiaoguo is spicy, delicious and convenient food, with high-quality special materials, quality service, reasonable price, the use of advanced equipment and high-quality raw materials, to provide cooperation and win-win business model achieved remarkable results for investors and operators. At the same time the company follow the laws of the market, and constantly committed to improving the management of enterprises and the production of training products, in the same enterprise has achieved a leading position. Enjoy high visibility and reputation. What are the conditions required for Zhao Xiaoguo’s hot and spicy sauce?.

Zhao Xiaoguo spicy hot what conditions need to join

one, for the franchisee requirements

1, fully recognized the company’s brand, technology, management model. Voluntary acceptance of the company’s business management system and regulations.

2, with full civil capacity, with good business reputation.

3, adequate investment funds.

4, investors must personally participate in the management of the store.

5, approved by the company’s operating shops.

two, site recommended

preferred: District

advantages: crowd, a fixed business groups, there are mobile customer groups

disadvantage: house expensive

election: near the school (high school)

advantage: most students like to eat food

disadvantages: cold winter, summer tourists less

three selection: large area near

advantage: housing prices

three, franchise requirements

1, the store should be selected in the downtown business district, shopping district, a better atmosphere and Education District, such as welcome Street area

2, the use of the store area shall not be less than 60 square meters

3, store lease shall not be less than 3 years

4, shop full >

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