Talking about my experience in local advertising industry websites

first introduced myself, I am 06 years graduate from school, major is computer, after graduation in the network company (China Yangzhou branch) for a few months, the clerk, then went to a small company for technology, responsible for the website, then go to the auto industry website, professional website administrator, about a girlfriend during the 07 years to November, the family drives me home. (the salary paid by the Internet company is not enough, and she needs a home subsidy). Her girlfriend is still in Yangzhou, because she is a nurse and can only come back by the end of the year.

came home always did not know what to do, my family told me to go to Xinhua Bookstore to work, I’m not interested, then relatives introduced to an advertising company, I do website frequently used PHOTOSHOP, so the company to me, can not think of actually do chores, one month’s salary is only 800 yuan (girlfriend, wages have close to 2000) I want to accumulate some experience for me, and since then the initiation of the idea of entrepreneurship. In the advertising company, I paid attention to the process of each business, downloaded some source files from the advertising company’s computer and got my hands at home. By the end of the year, I resigned to the advertising company. 08 years, that Spring Festival is not very taste, very poor, on the body more than 1000 yuan of money. The Spring Festival, I want to say to the family business ideas, family support, in addition to my brother-in-law is selling computer, store of his own room, he promised to give me a place to store equipment, so I saved a rent expensive, 08 years at the beginning of March, the purchase of the digital copier, computer, scanner printer, binding machine, laminating machine, etc..

August 13th, officially opened, there is no fresh flower basket, but also did not inform friends to the scene, the shop opened like this. Fortunately, the first day of someone to copy, one yuan, I am not very happy, after all, a good start, then the business is doing very well, from the income of several hundred yuan a month to second months of income of 1000 yuan, is very happy, then there have been more than 2000 yuan, the there are business income of the website, website I was very cheap, usually 600-800, never more than 1000, I fear to your family, do not want to do so, with this heart, pick up some of the site (second years found that these customer renewals not receive, are not renewed, in many times) contact with the customer, the customer asked me what I found a lot of company, I have not registered company at that time, did not go to Industrial and Commercial Bureau to register, put my brother-in-law’s name is called out, I found that the situation is very bad, hard to think about what is called What is the name of it, I was advertising, I get an ad network, I am in Taizhou, it is called Taizhou advertising network (, with the customer also said that out of the atmosphere, is also very decent, range is very large, the next day, he is a person to read all the domestic advertising website and a few columns, and according to their own idea to design the layout of the site, the site soon after a week on the well, "

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