Website construction and operation should pay attention to the protection of user privacy

some time ago, a hotel room customer information leakage caused a fierce debate, we first or not because their system or website vulnerabilities caused by. To a great extent, it reminds us of how important it is for us to take all kinds of means to protect the information of registered users. Now, many websites will have some functions with the user interaction, no matter what kind of website, we must pay attention to the protection of user privacy. Whether it is morally or legally, protecting users’ privacy is a responsibility that every web site has to take. Otherwise, no matter how well the website is made, how strong the technology is, and how strong the strength is, it is a web site that can not go far..

login class website user privacy disclosure

some sites, such as some forums or social networking sites, many sites have user registration, many websites in order to reflect the website "meticulous" is to input a lot of personal information, such as the user’s phone, SMS to the user authentication, enter mailbox mail authentication, QQ number, birthday, user an input, an operation cannot. This information may be nothing to users, but it is personal information, and it is very important at some point. When we are building websites, we must make sure that users are open or open to the public. For example, no one can see, only for the website statistics, only some friends can see, or all visible. The website should pay special attention to these registered users of personal information protection, the user can not complete the data collection finished, need their own data, put the matter aside, no longer responsible. The website should hold the attitude of being responsible to the customer and keep it in good order. Don’t expose the information at will. Otherwise, it will cause customer resentment, lost confidence in the website. In particular, some of the more socially influential sites can be fatal to web operators if they cause some public events because of the disclosure of user privacy.

site to technically guarantee customer information security,

here is not only the site of those transactions, if a site does not have this technology, can not guarantee the security of user information in the technical proposal, do not carry out this business or set up a function. It is a terrible problem for a trading website to cause loss of customer’s funds because of technical problems. Therefore, technically, we must ensure that the absolute safety of their own system, to ensure that, whether hackers or other illegal means, can not invade the information to get their customers.

so, until today, the more active in people’s online activities and time, we in the website construction, must not ask yourself, our website is safe enough? Our staff will not leak their website user information? We changed all aspects as how to protect.

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