The pain of Entrepreneurship local community operations chapter

with the rapid development of Internet, all kinds of local characteristics of the site continues to rise, some sites have become a leader in the local site! But some webmaster pioneer

died before their dreams!

webmaster do not lack enthusiasm, effort, energy, how can some breakthrough in the fierce competition, how to become a local leader, some died in the future unknown journey? Hard every day to stay up late, hard life obtained disappointing results of


the author and some local webmaster exchange, found the following reasons:


first, poor profitability,

we can clearly see, and some webmaster use their popularity based on the diversification of the expansion, looking for profit breakthrough, and ultimately bring profit to the site!


but most of our webmaster is belong to the roots, no visibility, not to mention the popularity! Website continued to promote the beginning of the webmaster can rely on the enthusiasm, but in the case of a small profit space to provide continuous service, product upgrades and orderly operation, slowly the loss of customers, otherwise it will eventually from the local market


so for grassroots origin webmaster, should improve the popularity of the website,


second, the place is too small to do

some webmaster period early enthusiasm high, every day hard accumulated, a few years down in exchange for unsatisfactory results, the results classified as small, small population, not good,


have this thought the webmaster has to say about why poor areas rich? Why rich local poor? Why are we looking for problems in their website? There is no prominent local characteristics of the module? There is no local economic conditions followed by the characteristics of information maintenance of your website? Even if it is a small place. I believe it has outstanding features, and cultural customs


webmaster should be based on local conditions, focus on creating 1-3 core blocks, highlighting the characteristics of the site, the limited energy focused on the most useful places.


third: offline activities, do not know how to carry out

local operations rely on content to attract people is not enough, especially at the beginning of the period is not well-known website not accumulated popularity, you need to plan this line activities to gather popularity! Many webmaster programmer was born, with the construction site above, out of the office did not understand how to communicate with others, it is no


website can combine the local mission room, group car, to each regiment room, group car discount is how much, let the business to rebate, from earn difference. Real estate, cars, wedding three categories do, and then with the catering, KTV, some group buying activities.

The form of

activity is more than >

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