Solve the problem of entrepreneurship first policy information equivalence

in the construction of entrepreneurship in 2015, Chinese entrepreneurs have achieved good results, fully verified the important driving force of innovation and entrepreneurship. But in the process of promoting the dual, but also exposed a lot of problems, policy information asymmetry is one of the biggest constraints on entrepreneurs.

entrepreneurial intention of college students is quietly changing. State Administration for Industry and Commerce recently announced the employment and employment of college graduates, the report shows that since 2013, the rapid expansion of college graduates founded enterprises.

data show that in the survey sample, 2013 registered enterprises is 851, including college graduates founded enterprises is 214, accounting for 25.15% of total registered enterprises; 2014 registered enterprises is 1094, including college graduates founded enterprises is 336, accounting for 30.71%.

"This shows that the stimulation effect of

entrepreneurs in higher education, the average employee number


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