How to do a good job in home textile stores promotional activities

generally encountered some holidays, many textile shop will do some promotional activities, promotional activities on how to do a lot of businesses are in doubt, if you are running a home textile stores, so how to do promotional work? Unclear operators can learn.

. Create a terminal sales atmosphere

according to the survey data show that: 65% consumers are affected by the image of the product, the impact of the activities of the purchase and transfer behavior. Do not attach importance to the construction of the terminal sales atmosphere is a fatal weakness of many marketers, making the product in the minds of the target consumers did not form any impression. Some new and unique products have been on the market for a few months, consumers still do not know the existence of this product. Therefore, the construction of terminal sales atmosphere is the premise of promotional activities, the purpose is to improve product awareness.

Create a

terminal sales atmosphere mainly includes the product specification and display terminal image packaging, must as far as possible, overwhelming, ubiquitous reach overwhelming momentum, the product of a visual impact shock in the minds of target consumers, impressed unforgettable.

The conventional

terminal construction, is the use of posters, paper shelves, Yilabao POP respectively for the core stores, general stores, stores focus on strategic packaging; durable terminal construction is the product image will be the first door, walls, light boxes, counters and other areas of various categories of store packaging; soft terminal construction is to mobilize all the terminal block the terminal line personnel to focus on products, such as the distribution of staff, Purchasing Guide, salesman, salesperson and so on.

two. Full

of media advertising network

The effect of

promotion is not ideal, a large part of the reason lies in the promotional activities did not convey information to the target consumers, naturally can not achieve the intended target Weakness lends wings to rumours. promotion. Promotional activities must be combined with the media propaganda, the promotion activities of the dissemination of information most widely, inducing target consumer purchase behavior, it is condensed promotional site popularity, meet the terminal stores on the flow and cash flow pursuit.

media publicity and not only refers to television advertising, it has more forms of expression, such as road show, newspaper soft Wen, leaflets, post, handwritten posters, store radio, store display, text messages, etc.. Marketing personnel should be combined with the characteristics of the regional market as well as the company’s actual investment efforts to make the most effective media publicity to inform the combination, in order to achieve a multiplier effect. In the terminal stores, need to consider the handwritten posters, billboards, banners, store, display and store broadcast; the terminal stores outside, can be considered roadshow, leaflets, mail, store display; can be considered at high altitude: TV subtitles, radio, newspapers, short message and so on, so the formation of three-dimensional to recommend

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