Huainan take measures to promote employment and Entrepreneurship

to promote social entrepreneurship employment has now become a lot of areas to solve the employment problem as a means, at the same time, many regions have also carried out a number of more active entrepreneurial activities to stimulate people’s entrepreneurial enthusiasm.

for guiding the masses to entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship in Panji District give entrepreneurship policy, information, services and other areas are helping support, and established by the master policy experts and entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial guidance services, for entrepreneurs to provide free advice, guidance and services for entrepreneurs from the opening to the successful opening. Accompany with tracking service guide. At present, 11 towns (street) in the area and established a public employment service platform, to provide the near side of the information resources, eliminating confusion and the procedures for convenient for entrepreneurs.

entrepreneurs in solving the problem of shortage of funds, Panji District give full play to small loans to promote the role of entrepreneurship, the flexible use of funds, special funds to ensure the maximum effect. This year, recommended a small secured loans 1 million 220 thousand yuan, a round of nearly 30 entrepreneurial dream.

in addition, the public welfare position vigorously implement the development plan, the development of city security, cleaning, co management, community service and other public service jobs, community organization personnel twinning, do not decoupled from employment. This year, the unemployed re employment rate of 85%, employment difficulties helping staff employment rate of up to 80%. In the first half of this year, the district held a spring action recruitment 2 games, providing about 6000 jobs in the 36 categories, with the employer reached employment intentions of the 1304.

in the start-up stage of the new period, to start to drive employment is also a good social employment measures, at the same time, the implementation of active employment policy in Panji District of Huainan City, vigorously promote the masses entrepreneurship, can finally solve the social problem of local employment.


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