Women can join the underwear shop

now join a lingerie store do not invest too much cost, one or two people can open a small lingerie store, very suitable for women entrepreneurs. But how to join the new underwear shop? This need to pay attention to a lot of things, as long as a good grasp of skills in order to join the better management, in order to allow themselves to quickly embark on the road to riches.

There are several must consider the hardware configuration of

The coordination of

1. and the facade of the sign font size and appearance appearance, basically determine your style, and the font selection basically determines your grades, general crystal word than the bubble high point. The color of the font to be compared with the signs, so as to allow customers to recognize your sign in the distance. If the guest comes to your door and no one recognizes your shop, it must be a failure.

2. cashier set and the specific location of the cashier is a professional shop should have. You can’t get money out of a bag like a market vendor. The size of the cashier is best to put a cash register, but also a certain position to put some brochures or promotional KT version. At the same time, the location of the cashier should also be marked on the brand LOGO and the best is to the door, let the guests come in when you can see, so as to enhance the visibility of the brand, while allowing guests feel that there is grade.

3. shop atmosphere, color and appearance of color, this is very important, if the outside can not be attractive, people come in less. If you come in and find the style is wrong, the guests will not stay long. For example, the color of the building with the surrounding shops together, fully attract passers-by, and not to allow guests to see directly the internal styles, rich colors of the products, the guests will be reduced in nature. Into the shop, if the light is dim, the color of the clothes can not be displayed, with rock music, guests will be disgusted.


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