The 7 characteristics of entrepreneurs

found that successful entrepreneurs have a variety of common characteristics, "scientific investment" to extract the most obvious, and that is the most important of the 10, it is called "China’s top 10 entrepreneurs". In the scientific investment visited the experts, it was also believed that it would be more suitable for China’s 7 major characteristics of successful entrepreneurs.

1, the desire of "desire" in the first column Chinese entrepreneur, you not feel very strange? There is a word called "Sutra, meaning that One can be austere without selfish desires, if a person does not have what he desires, what all not afraid, not afraid of what. The monk in the temple at the end of practice for a lifetime, no one does not want to go all day; Taoist retreat meditation, and no one does not want to fly away, although the "visible, but to do One can be austere without selfish desires" and "no desire" is a difficult thing.

2, one of the "idiom endure the difficulties and hardships, as well as a Difficulty is the nurse of greatness.", "life", all mean is that business is not easy. Where is the first thing to do is to endure physical and mental torture.

3, vision people like to boast about their own knowledge, for entrepreneurs, it is not bragging, is to be truly informed. A wide range of knowledge, broaden their horizons, can effectively narrow the distance between themselves and success, so that less detours entrepreneurial activities.

4, the potential is the trend. Futures do people know, to make money is the key to do the direction, this direction is the potential. For example, the general trend to empty, you tend to do more or better, you tend to short, you do not lose money who lose money, in turn, you do not want to make money is difficult.

5, min   sensitivity is not neurotic. Neuroticism people, like those characters in the novel as Qiong Yao, vase, can do at leisure pastime, but not suitable for business.

the sensitivity of entrepreneurs, is sensitive to changes in the outside world, especially the rapid response for business opportunities.

6,   pulse entrepreneurship is not cited "source water", "like trees planted". Each individual entrepreneurs, must have its inevitable conditions, is its own resources. The quality of an entrepreneur, look at the ability to establish and expand their resources can know.

7 and   the king of Chu deserves no sympathy slightly, one is his two of his woman’s soft nature is more brave than wise. Shopping malls such as the battlefield, a more brave than wise people, sooner or later become lunch.

principle, will have their own characteristics. Habits make the best business! For your success!

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